A NEW WAY to make New Year’s Resolutions!

Christmas Day is here.  Which means 2014 is almost over. For some, it has been the best year yet. Others are recovering from a year full of frustrations and disappointments. For me, it all depends on what you are measuring! Did I hit my goals? Not a single one! Did I make progress? Sure did! Did I learn anything on the way? Holy cow -- YES!!!! So I'm asking myself, what will make the difference in 2015? What will I do differently in the coming year that will increase the possibilities that I will meet (at least some of) my objectives this coming year?

Well, here it is: I am a goal-setter. I love deciding on the "endpoint," the "objective," the desired "achievement." THIS YEAR I am setting MILESTONES because life is a journey and a goal seems so much like a destination. For 2015, my "goals" will be just stops along the way that give me rest and a cause to celebrate.

I love vision boards and affirmations. AND, I think I've been going about it the wrong way because I'm affirming the MILESTONES and not the efforts, large and small, that would send me catapulting towards my desires. You see, the LAW OF ATTRACTION ends in ACTION! It is the small actions we take day in and day out that determine whether or not we reach our milestones in the allotted time frame! So this year, my vision boards and my affirmations will focus NOT on the milestone, but on the singular, daily actions I must take to make progress. Remember: A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and progress is made with each step along the way. This year, I'm focusing on the steps.

Now, about those actions: I'm pretty sure that as I map this out, there are going to be some things I do not really know how to do. Take for example Google Hangouts and blogging. Yet those are the specific actions I'm wanting to take to grow my coaching business in 2015, so I'm going to have to figure it out! I've already registered for Alex Mandossian's "Hang Out Marketing Secrets" -- haven't done a thing with it -- but I'm registered! (Note to self: block out time to do the lessons!) Now I'm going to ask for help: Who will volunteer to help me set up a blog site????

I'm going to spend the next few days thinking about what I REALLY want to accomplish and what I am ACTUALLY willing to do. Here's what I mean: I an thinking about my physical goals: Commit to a daily yoga practice, run/walk the Rock-n-Roll half marathon and get back to weight-lifting at the gym. But as I think about the actual ACTIVITIES that it will take to do them, I realize that I don't WANT to run every day and I don't WANT to go to the gym. Just thinking of it creates a resistance in me that is palpable! But when I think about a daily yoga practice my SPIRIT soars and I can't wait to make that happen! My BODY feels compelled to follow my directive.  So I'm going for THAT ONE because I know the actions I must take to reach that milestone 12 months from now will nourish my mind, body and spirit.

That one was pretty easy.  Now I've got to work through the spiritual, intellectual, professional, relationship (family, friends, self) milestones that I am willing to take action on.  I am feeling so grounded, so centered, in this new approach that I just had to share.

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