What I’ve learned about TRANSFORMATION

So lately I’ve been thinking about success – what it means for me, and how I can get from where I am to where I want to be. We’re 2/3 of the way through the first quarter and I do, actually, feel like I’ve taken some steps in the right direction and I’m making some good progress!

  • In my BNI business, we have 8 new chapters coming along, each competently led by SOMEONE ELSE OTHER THAN ME!
  • I now have complete CLARITY about what kind of people I want to bring on the team and in March, I will be interviewing new Launch Directors with the full intention of bringing 6 new people on board who want to earn money while expanding their network by meeting, and potentially creating relationship with, 250-300 professionals during the 3-6 month chapter building process AND who are anxious to be members of our BNI “inner circle.” Talk about WIN-WIN-WIN
  • In my Referral Institute coaching and training practice, we’ve re-committed to delivering Fill Your Pipeline With Ease on at least a monthly basis. Our first event this month added 4 new Rev-Up participants to our network and we are excited for even more people to join us as our momentum increases!

I must confess, though, that last year was a bit of a struggle for me. I thought I knew what I needed to do and I believed I had my head on straight – after all I’m a business coach who has business coaches – right? Still, last year felt like a struggle on all fronts: I wasn’t as “prosperous” as I had planned. I didn’t feel as “vital” and “energetic” as I had planned. I didn’t get the “outcomes” I had planned. I had more “conflict” than resolution in my life. Man! Talk about gerbil on a wheel … I was WORKING IT but wasn’t really getting as far along as I truly expected to be!

Now, conventional wisdom might suggest that all that struggle and disappointment was a “bad thing.” A failure. A huge “downer” if you will. And, yeah, I all of that DID hit me like a ton of bricks. Resistance. Self-judgment. Blame. Frustration. Anger. But, by taking a step back, I could see how all of this “failure’ was actually teaching me, serving me so that I could serve others — So that I could serve, well, YOU!

We humans are funny. We’d like to think that success is about what we DO – the right behaviors, get the desired outcomes! OR, that success is about what we BELIEVE – the right thoughts, produce the desired outcomes. Sorry to say that neither is TRUE! Success is about progress and transformation – and to get THAT we need to expand BOTH our mindset AND our skill set. GENIUS INSIGHT plus the necessary awareness to IMPLEMENT and REDIRECT as needed! The minute I made that leap, I got unstuck. Off the wheel. PROGRESS!

So how did I do that? I got back to my daily self-care rituals. Recommitted to working with my spiritual teacher, Angie Monko and hired the next right coaches for my business (Art Snarzyk and Alex Mandossian). I recommitted to investing time I didn’t feel like I had and money I didn’t think I could afford to spend in expanding BOTH my mindset and my skill set so that I can successfully help MORE ENTREPRENEURS achieve their dreams! I got back to quieting my EGO and allowing my HIGHER SELF take over. I got back to allowing my “pain body” to go ahead and feel all that I felt AND I allowed my HIGHER SELF to take over the decision-making – even as my EGO was whining (“That’s too much work!” “We don’t have time / energy / money for that!” “It won’t work! This is terrible! All is lost! We are too far gone!”) I know you’ve heard the voice and it is time to embrace it, hug it and DO WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE ANYWAY!

ODDLY ENOUGH, my coach and client, Angie Monko has been doing the same: Recommitting to the mindset that really has mastered and to the skillset work that she and Steve (her life and business partner) need so that they can help more people break through the glass ceilings they have unwittingly built to limit their impact. Once you understand the “game” you have created for yourself, you can “play” more strategically and “outwit” your EGO so you can have more success than you ever imagined for yourself before!

And because Angie and I have been on parallel paths, working so intimately to help one another expand professionally, personally and spiritually, we have decided to TEAM UP to share our very personal journeys with YOU! We invite you to “Hangout” with us on a 60-minute lunch and learn on March 6th from noon to 1pm.

We want to show you:

  • How your EGO might just be messing with your success;
  • How you can break free by clearly identifying your top EGO drive
  • How to create a PERSONAL PROSPERITY NARRATIVE using a powerful mindset technique that I personally use every day to insure my success!

PLUS, we’ll help you:

  • Evaluate your choice of TRIBE (is it the RIGHT one for you?),
  • Review your TRUSTED AUTHORITY status (are you successfully marketing yourself as the expert in your network?)
  • Trouble-shooting your TEAM (are your referral partners really producing for you? Or, have you hit a wall…. and, if so, why?)

This HangOut is ABSOLUTELY FREE for Rev Up and Whole Soul Intensive grads! To be perfectly transparent – Angie and I have teamed up to create and exclusive Pathway to Prosperity Business Breakthrough retreat and we WILL be offering a limited number of seats at this retreat to participants in this HangOut. If it is within your means – we hope you’ll say YES and decide to work with us. We are, indeed, a powerful force for change in the world, deeply dedicated to your prosperity and this is your chance to spend an intimate hour with us as we “bare all” and share with you the pathway to creating a business that fuels your passion and funds your dreams. If you love what you see, of course, we hope you’ll choose to join us at the retreat!

To register for the Hangout, just CLICK HERE and then be sure to block the time off on your calendar! Go ahead, prioritize your success and join us on March 6, from noon to 1pm and we reveal our personal mindset / skill set journeys in service to your success!

It’s no fun to HangOut alone — so JOIN US!!!!

Until we meet again — BE REMARKABLE!